The Wolf Within

Alpine Woods Shifters Book Three

Will his love be enough to keep her safe?

Julie doesn’t know what to think when the man she’s had a crush on her entire life–a man she thinks is meant to be her sister’s mate–starts flirting with her after she returns home from college. The harder she tries to distance herself, the harder he works to win her over. He can’t want to mate with her…a freak born a full human among shifters. So why won’t he accept her rejection?

Brendan’s waited years for Julie’s return. Now that she’s finally home, there’s nothing to keep him from her…not even her three alpha wolf brothers. But he’s not the only one after Julie. Something is stalking her and Brendan’s protective instincts toward her kick in, but at what cost?

When the unthinkable happens, will Julie and Brendan’s love give them the strength they need to persevere?

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4.5 stars from Whipped Cream Reviews – “Sondrae Bennett spins a great tale that makes you drop everything else to read more…”


4 stars from Just Erotic Romance Reviews – “Julie and Brendan have a very intense chemistry and awareness of one another that I found enjoyable.”


4.25 stars from Night Owl Reviews – ” I hope everybody loves this book as much as I did and the ones to come.”


4 stars from Manic Readers – “The Wolf Within is a cute little love story…”



Turning back to Brendan, she ran her gaze from his head to his toes and back up. He was looking yummier than the pizza.


His smile grew under her perusal, and she raised her gaze to his. The teasing glint in their depth told her he had watched her ogle him, and had enjoyed every minute. He took the wine bottle from her hand and lifted it toward the light.


“How much of this have you had, anyway?” His lips puckered in a whistle as he surveyed the level of the liquid within. It would be so easy to lean down and kiss him. His lips were already puckered and everything. God knew the man could kiss.


She dropped to her knees on the bed, putting them at the same height. Taking the bottle from him and setting it on the bedside table, she reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. His lips hovered above hers, just shy of touching. She stretched, but he leaned back so their lips remained apart.


“You need to come closer.” She tugged at his shoulders, but he resisted the pull.


“Ordering me around, are you beautiful?” She tugged again, making no more progress than last time.


“Fine. If you don’t want me, then go away.” She puffed out an exasperated breath, unraveling her hands to bring them to her side.

* * * *

Brendan felt her arms slide away from him, and grabbed them, bringing them back around his neck. He wasn’t ready to release her just yet.


“Oh, I want you all right. It’s taking every ounce of willpower I possess not to strip off your clothes and bend you backward until neither of us knows our own names. But you, my dear, are drunk. I want more from you than one night you might consider a drunken mistake tomorrow.” He watched his words sink past the alcoholic haze in her eyes. First surprise, then heat, flared in their depths before she dropped them to stare at his mouth.


“I’m not that drunk, Brendan.”


The laugh started in his gut, bubbling up until he had to release it. Even knowing it would replace her desire with anger, he couldn’t stop it. “Don’t laugh at me!” she huffed, trying to pull away. He clung tight, loving the fight within.


“I’m not. I swear. You’re just so perfect. And drunk enough, I might add, that I can’t trust your judgment right now. So why don’t we sit down and have some pizza, maybe some water for you, and we can come back to this conversation a bit later.”


She stuck her lip out in a pout. His wolf wanted to jump in, but he held the reins tight. Taking her right now, no matter how appealing the suggestion might sound, or how much she begged, was not the way to start a relationship. That way led to ignored phone calls and a pounding from her brothers.


Pizza. They were going to sit down, eat and talk. Nothing more. He looked at her lips. Well, maybe a little more. But he drew the line at kissing. His fingers tightened on Julie’s waist.


Okay, maybe a bit more than kissing, but the line was there. A very definite line. Somewhere. He’d know it when he saw it. As long as he kept his wits about him. Easier said than done around Julie, but he had to succeed. There was no other choice if he wanted forever.


“Come on, wobbly. Time to eat.”