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Brink of Passion (Alpine Woods Shifters #6)

He’d do anything to protect his mate.

Laurie doesn’t know what to think when she meets her mate at the shifter convention she’d reluctantly attended with her brother. Especially after discovering he’s a cat shifter of the leopard variety. Wolves and leopards didn’t typically mix. Mating him means leaving her family, her town, and the only home she’s ever known. But the possibility of a happily ever after is worth the risk, right?

Max couldn’t be happier with his brazen, feisty wolf, but returning home isn’t the welcoming affair he’d expected. In his absence, his brother was attacked and warns him that he might be next. when the fears prove true and he’s shot at while hunting with Laurie, his protective instinct goes into overdrive. Can he convince his mate to stay with him and protect her at the same time?


Bring Me To Life

Stay tuned for more information about my next book, Bring Me To Life, which will be another paranormal (light) romance and is really turning out to be something special. More details coming soon.



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